ProAct’s motto…

“If you are not first to the best people you may as well be last…”
Because in today’s world; it’s always a race to find the best people.

Recruitment you can trust

ProAct has been a leading company in the On Demand Recruitment application industry across the entire United States since 2001.  We are a minority owned company that uses a dynamic approach to providing our customers with an application based recruitment solution that eliminates redundancies, streamlines processes and reduces costs and overhead. All of this is accomplished while keeping everything 100% web based so our customers never have to purchase, maintain or update software.

ProAct has provided guidance, direction, solutions and cost savings to companies ranging anywhere from mid-sized to large Fortune 500 companies. ProAct provides recruitment related services to clients in California, Texas, Minnesota, Oregon, Florida, Washington, New York and all states including Alaska and Hawaii.