About Us

Who is ProAct?

We live in an ever changing recruitment world. One day we are in what looks to be a long term labor shortage and the next we are in an abundant labor supply.

With these ever changing times we must make adjustments quickly in order to hit our recruitment goals. Going forward, the traditional recruitment approach, which was developed during the previous labor era, will not be sufficient for meeting your needs and goals. Companies that are first to find, contact and move on the best candidates will not only hit their goals but win the race.

ProAct is a company that strives to accomplish this. We give our clients the competitive edge in getting to the best candidates first by allowing our clients to take their jobs directly to the candidates so that their opportunity is the first thing that the candidates see. We combine technology and recruitment systems so our clients can manage their candidate networks in order to maintain a competitive edge.

At ProAct we are acutely aware of the challenges faced by those responsible for their company’s bottom line. Companies need to adjust their recruitment strategies quickly in order to even sustain their current corporate position. This dilemma will encompass not just some but all areas of recruitment; Executive, Finance, Management, Marketing, Sales, Technology, and even General Labor.

In the past it has been a “pick what you want” recruitment world, but now and into the future, finding and identifying talent will be a difficult, timely and consuming commodity. This will require companies to quickly adjust their recruitment strategies in order to target the best candidates while at the same time keeping control of their recruitment costs. In essence, the companies willing to be proactive in their recruitment strategy will ultimately win the race. This is why ProAct should be your clear choice to meet and exceed your recruitment goals while reducing your overall costs.