Features & Benefits

1) AUTOMATED – Through the search agents set up in our system you are able to set up your search criteria once and the search agents will then systematically search the various databases available.

2) EFFECTIVE– Our system ensures that your opening is viewed by the candidates you want on a timely basis. This gives you the confidence that puts you ahead of your competition.

3) FAST – By utilizing our application you will be able to get through all databases in a fraction of the time that it would take you to normally get through one.

4) MANAGEABLE – We help you maintain your candidate network so that you can optimize your communication capabilities.

5) PREDICTABLE – Predetermined search times gives you the confidence that you will never miss a qualified candidate.

6) SMART RECOGNITION – Virtually eliminates duplicate candidates and produces better results by reducing time wasted.

7) CUSTOMIZABLE – You have full control of the search criteria so you are able to edit your search parameters at a moments notice.

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