Proact Solutions

ProAct markets your open positions directly to the most qualified candidates by filtering through today’s most popular databases.

Because every company has unique recruitment needs, ProAct’s program is designed to compliment your current recruitment process. Our system reduces your cost while streamlining your recruitment process into a predictable recruitment tool.

We actively identify and contact candidates so that your position is one of the first opportunities that they review. This in turn creates a steady pipeline of applicants that can be used for this position or possibly others within your company.

Each candidate that we identify has reviewed your detailed job description and the qualifications associated with your opening. This allows them to clearly understand the position and the requirements needed in order to apply.

This allows your openings to be one-on-one with each candidate, giving each candidate the ability to focus on your opportunity and your opportunity alone.

The end result is that your candidate pipeline is filled quickly and effectively while greatly reducing your time and cost to hire.

Simply put, our process allows our clients to spend more time interviewing candidates, instead of waiting for the candidates to find their openings.

ProAct does not only identify candidates for your openings, but instead we bring the candidates to your door.

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